Oct. 10, 2012

How to use comments in Python


Comments in Python are used to explain what the code does. 

Python Comments

Python has two ways to annotate Python code. 

One is by using comments to indicate what some part of the code does. 

Single-line comments begin with the hash character ("#") and are terminated by
the end of line. 

Python is ignoring all text that comes after the # to the end of the line, 
they are not part of the command. 

Comments spanning more than one line are achieved by inserting a multi-line string
(with """ as the delimiter one each end) that is not used in assignment or 
otherwise evaluated, but sits in between other statements.

They are meant as documentation for anyone reading the code. 


Let's show this by using an example
#this is a comment in Python

print "Hello World" #This is also a comment in Python

""" This is an example of a multiline
comment that spans multiple lines
Remember to comment often to explain what the codes does

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