Jan. 06, 2013

Python Code Snippets

Code Snippets

Find all mp3 files with os.walk and fnmatch
Show the most popuplar videos on YouTube
Backup all MySQL databases, with timestamp.
Get the Geo location of an IP Address
How to use the Vimeo API in Python
Get the username from a prompt
Celsius and Fahrenheit Convertor
Twitter command line program
Convert from KM/H to MPH
Monitor Nginx and Apache log files
Get all links from a website
Age, Height and Weight
Calculate Average Score
Python Hangman Game
IMDB Crawler/Scraper
Check your external IP address
Get the username from a prompt
Password Generator
Log Checker
Finding all files in the path that endswith a certain extension
Parsing with Json
Guessing Game Part 2
Webbrowser script
OS Walk

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