Jan. 16, 2013

Python For Beginners - Update

The efforts of updating Python for Beginners to what we call 2.0 is moving on. We have made some changes that I think many of you will like. Most features should work, but we still have a few bugs left to fix.


Since (almost) everyone is now using Twitter, and that we from time to time write
about how to use Twitter with Python, we thought it would be fitting to have a
way to display tweets directly on the first page to share what's happening here
on the website. You find find them on the right side. 

There you can always see the latest tweets from our Twitter account:
https://twitter.com/pythonbeginners . Nice huh?

Social Bookmarking

At the very bottom of every post we have also added a social bookmarking menu,
which we hope that you readers use to share the content. 

Comments / Feedback

I have replaced the contact form on the right side of the page with a new form
which I think works better for comments and feedback. You can use this form if
you have any ideas, see any problems or just have a question.

Instead of jumping to the contact form on the right side, you can now easily use
the simply "Feedback" button that appears on the left side of the website.

We feel happy with that solutions and hope that you like it. 
We have also added a PayPal "Donate" button, which you can use if you want to support our blog. Please tell us what do you think, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.

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