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Python is often comparable to Perl, Ruby, PHP, Scheme, and Java. This is because it is is an incredibly powerful object-oriented language. 
Python also has several notable features which make it an enticing language to work with for developers.

1) Python makes use of an elegant syntax, meaning the programs you write are much easier to read. This is because they are closer to the human language, or how we write our words, instead of a language that computers use to read and interpret code. For example, the "print" command will display anything proceeding it - and in quotes - at runtime.

2) Python is simple and easy-to-use, which means that it's much easier to get your programs up and running. That is why Python is considered ideal for prototype development and similar ad-hoc programming tasks. It does not compromise maintainability either.

3) It comes with the Standard Python Library, offering integrated support for a variety of common programming tasks like syncing with web servers, searching through text, and modifying files. For a majority of other languages, you have to create this content from scratch.

4) It includes an interactive mode that simplifies testing for short snippets of code. There's even a development environment bundled with it called IDLE. The dev environment makes setup so much easier and faster.

5) The language can be extended by adding new modules, even if they've been compiled in C or C++. Even better, the modules can be used as shortcuts in future projects once they've been created.

6) Python can be embedded into an application, which will provide a programmable interface for users of that app. This is a great feature if you're putting together an app that will teach coding, or requires working with Python in a terminal.

7) It is compatible with a long list of computers and operating systems like Windows, Linux, MacOS, many brands of Unix, OS/2, and more. Furthermore, it uses a similar interface on each one of those platforms, which means you can jump between them easily if necessary.

8) It is truly free because it doesn't cost anything to download or use, and there are no licensing fees. Plus, it can be freely modified and redistributed, since the language is available under an open source license - despite the fact that it is copyrighted.

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