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Python is a programming language that is easy to learn, which is why many novice coders choose it as their first language. Because it was built as a general-purpose language, it is not limited to just one type of development - you can use it for anything from analyzing data, to creating games. Python has also become incredibly popular in the scientific community because scientists use it to calculate complicated equations and analyze data.

Whether you are new to programming or simply interested in learning another language, we have the resources to help you get started. Take a look at our comprehensive guide that introduces you to the basics of the language, and then takes you all the way through creating your first programs.

We recommend starting at the top and working your way through each section, even if you have prior experience.

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What is Python?

In this section, we discuss what Python is, and how it is used. The basics, so to speak.

Benefits of Learning Python

In this section, we explore the benefits and advantages you will be able to take advantage of after learning Python.

Python Environment Setup

In this section, we explain how to set up a development environment so you can begin working with Python. There are instructions for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

What Features Does Python Offer?

In this section, we discuss the features Python offers when working with it as a language, as opposed to one of its rivals. In other words, if you're wondering why you should choose Python over another language based on features alone, go here.

What is Django?

In this section, we explain the idea of a framework and further discuss Django, a popular Python-based framework.

How Does Python Differ from Other Languages?

In this section, we compare Python to two other languages: Ruby and PHP. We discuss in detail what sets them apart, and how they are used differently from one another.

6 Python Programming Projects for Beginners?

Want to jump right into the nitty gritty? Tired of reading all about Python and just want to get your hands dirty coding? This section has several beginner-level projects you can complete on your own after setting up your development environment.

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