Aug. 12, 2013

Python - Quick Start Web

Python Quick Start Web

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Python - Quick Start Web

In this post, we will describe how you can use Python for the web.

Click on the Title(s) to learn more.

You can see what the topics are about under each title.

How to use Reddit API in Python

Reddit API – Overview

Getting started

API documentation

Viewing the JSON output

Start coding

Make The API Call

JSON Response Content

Convert JSON into a dictionary

Navigate to find useful data

The complete script

How to access various Web Services in Python

How do I access web services such as Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter?

API : Application Programming Interface


Json - Overview

Accessing Web Services

What modules do I need?

Working with the data

Converting the data

Looping through the result

Using the YouTube API

YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter Examples

API Documentation for various Web Services

Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup

Web Scraping

What is Beautiful Soup?

Extracting URL’s from any website

Tweet Search with Python


About the script

Getting Started

How does it work?

The complete program

CommandLineFu with Python

CommandLineFu API

Creating the “Command Line Search Tool”

How to use urllib2 in Python

What is Urllib2?

What is the difference between urllib and urllib2?

What is urlopen?

Getting URLs

Simple urllib2 script

Download files with Urllib2

Urllib2 Requests

User Agents



Error Handling



Using Requests in Python

What is Requests?

Install Requests

Importing the module

Making a request

Response Code

Response Code



Custom Headers

Redirection and History

Make a HTTP Post request

Errors and Exceptions

Beautiful Soup 4 Python

What is Beautiful Soup?

BeautifulSoup 3 or 4?

Installing Beautiful Soup

BeautifulSoup Usage

BeautifulSoup Usage

BeautifulSoup Object

The Find_all method

Navigating the Parse Tree

Extracting all the URLs found within a page ‘a’ tags

Extracting all the text from a page

Get all links from Reddit

Using Feedparser in Python

What is Feedparser?

Install Feedparser

Feedparser Examples

Scraping websites with Python

What is BeautifulSoup?

What can it do?

What do I need?

BeautifulSoup Examples

Search and find all html tags

Find all links on Reddit

Website Scrap the Huffington Post

Python API and JSON

What is an API?

Interact with an API using JSON

How do I do this?


Python Mechanize Cheat Sheet

Create a browser object

Open a webpage

Using forms

Using Controls

Submit the form

Finding Links

Using the YouTube API in Python

Standard Feeds

Getting Started

Using the YouTube API to get data

How to use other YouTube feeds

How to use the Vimeo API in Python

About the Vimeo API

Common Vimeo Requests

Using the Vimeo API to get data

Browsing in Python with Mechanize

To get the response code from a website, you can the response.code

Get all forms from a website:

Browsing with Python

Fetching data from the Internet

What is Urllib2?

What can it do?

HTTP Requests

How can I use it?

User Agents

Get HTTP Headers


The awesome requests module

What is Requests

What can I do with Requests?

Requests Installation

Make a Request

To make a HTTP POST request

Response Content

Binary Response Content

JSON Response Content

Custom Headers

Response Status Codes

Response Headers


Basic Authentication

Digest Authentication

Redirection and History


Errors and Exceptions

Parsing JSON in Python

API Response

JSON Functions

Json Dumps

Json Loads

Parse JSON objects in Python

Json Overview

Getting Started

Using the Twitter API to parse data

What is JSON

What is JSON?

JSON is built on structures






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